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Ranjan Ramchandani is an "Amateur turned Professional Photographer" focusing on landscapes and wildlife. Having had a natural flair for photography since childhood, he studied it in school as a part of his ECA, followed by self-learning over the last decade. Practice makes perfect. More recently Ranjan has been able to hone his skills further by going for a number of photography expeditions, as well as through mentoring and workshops by world-renowned photographers.

He is a graduate from the New York Institute Of Photography.

To Ranjan photography is an art.. a true medium of self-expression. After his photography expeditions to Ladakh in 2008 and 2009, he was inspired by it's stark beauty and living heritage to turn this hobby into something more… In September 2010, he released a coffee table book on the region, “Swades: Ladakh - The Land Of Splendour”.
This was followed by a lot of time on Indian roads, driving across state borders, photographing the unique graffiti on the back of trucks, only found in India! The culmination was an exhibition by Arushi Art, a premier art gallery in New Delhi, India, in February 2011, titled “Blow Horn”, with great reception by the local media, as a first of it’s kind.

He then chanced upon Banaras on the recommendation of a friend, and there was no looking back. Mesmerized by the warmth and culture of the city and its people, Ranjan went back repeatedly. Three such visits were during Dev Diwali, a festival of lights in tribute to the river Ganges by the people of Banaras. This resulted in 2 exhibitions in Singapore – a group show at the American Club, and a solo exhibition by Gallery Krisstel Martin, again receiving great local media reception.
Ranjan was also showcased in ‘Harvest 2011’, an exhibition of Indian contemporary art, in New Delhi, India. This was the 12th year of the Harvest catalogue, an annual project of Arushi Art to project Indian art in different cities in India as well as overseas.

Apart from Landscapes he is now concentrating on wildlife photography with a book in the works.

Get in touch with Ranjan if you would like to hold a workshop, or join his next expedition. His works are available through select galleries in India and Singapore. Choice images are also available through this website.
His images have been published in Outdoor Photographer a U.S. Based magazine and Tabla a Singapore based paper.



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